About Us

The Boundary Parish includes three worshipping communities spread across Boundary Country:

  • Holy Trinity - Grand Forks,
  • St. Jude's - Greenwood, and
  • St. Mary's - Rock Creek.

We have some of the oldest, and finest wooden churches in the region.
Musician and Child Our church communities are open-minded, accepting, and friendly. We strive for a "relaxed formality" in our worship, seeking to retain the beauty of our traditions, yet remain grounded and personal.

Come: experience the beauty of our Anglican worship!

Please contact our church office if you would like to meet the priest or a representative of the church.


The Boundary Parish is served by a team of clergy:
  • Incumbent Priest: The Rev'd Austin Spry
  • Assisting Priest: The Rev'd Cathy Straume
  • Honourary Priest: The Rev'd Simon Shenstone
  • Honourary Priest: The Ven. Bob Purdy

Please contact the church office if you would like to be in touch with any of these ministers.

Hall Rentals

Are you looking for a venue to rent for your event, or a place for your group to gather regularly? We have spaces available in Grand Forks, Rock Creek, and Greenwood.

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Hall

Holy Trinity in Grand Forks is a beautiful and versatile space, with modern fittings, custom wooden trim and flooring, and a commercial kitchen. This space is ideal for events like weddings and receptions, Holy Trinity Halldinner parties and celebrations, and exercise classes and gaming groups. Canning for the farmers’ market? Our commercial kitchen will meet your needs. Music recital? Our worship area can be easily converted to a simple dais with audience seating. The main hall can be made a simpler setting by screening off the worship area with the in built wooden sliding doors.

We are handicapped accessible. We have tables, chairs, and dinner settings available.

We also have more permanent spaces available downstairs.

Please contact Sharlie for more information.


Parish Office

7252 7th Street,
Box 776,
Grand Forks, BC
phone: 250 442 5808;
email: holytrinitygrandforks@gmail.com

Facebook Pages

Join our Boundary Parish Facebook Group to meet the people of our parish, and stay up to date with news on the ground.
... and like our Holy Trinity Facebook page for official news from the Parish.

Building Rentals

If you would like to rent one of our churches, or regular space in one of our buildings, please contact Sharlie at the Parish Office.